SIMATIC ET 200 – The distributed I/O system for future-proof plants

ntegrated and optimized data availability along the entire value-added chain is the basis for innovative business models. This also places special demands on your distributed I/O: flexible scalability of the systems, high-performance hardware in the field, smart features. With SIMATIC ET 200, you get more out of your data and tap the full potential of your I/O system.

Automation with SIMATIC ET 200 – flexible, powerful, smart

No matter whether you are looking for space-saving solutions for the control cabinet or robust modules with IP65/IP67 degree of protection. With SIMATIC ET 200, you can fulfill almost any requirement cost-effectively. Permanent data availability from engineering to plant operation makes the ET 200 an integrated data hub. What’s more, you invest in the future-proofing of your machines and become ready for new business models such as „production as a service“