Founded in 2021
Operational Start in 2022

Several existing European Customers with a wide range of products were supplied with goods from south of Germany

Supporting all Industries like automotive, heavy duty trucks, industry, OEM´s

Focus on Business Management Overseas for Leman Technology

Acting as logistic operator and contractor for Overseas Customers

Safety stock – warehousing – supporting logistic systems (JIT / JIS)

Services as per customer (additional quality control / sorting / assembly)

Shorter lead times, available at your office time and abound

Support in documentation and implementation of your supply chain specifications

Focus of fabrication

With Leman Technology

the LECHO Gmbh can rely on a wide range of fabrication methods and products Over 30 years experience in fabrication and business with European, Asian and Customers from North and South America

ISO 9001 / TS16949 / ISO14001 or equivalent

Quality labor and measuring machines

Fabrication control / quality approval / certificates of fabrication Pictures of control during fabrication / fabrication control plan were made for each and every item / operation step

Original Equipment Manufacture