Robot Integration Made Easy

Integrating robots into manufacturing solutions usually also requires special robot know-how – but not at Sonplas GmbH. Sonplas programs and engineers robots just like any other automated component – increasing flexibility and reducing user training requirements.


Sonplas GmbH has its roots in engineering solutions for the automotive industry, especially for fuel injection systems: every second, several Sonplas injectors come off the assembly line worldwide, and half of all high-pressure gasoline pumps manufactured across the world are subjected to a Sonplas end-of-line test. Production systems for classic combustion technology are still a major market for Sonplas, but for some time, the company has also been developing and implementing new processes and systems for electromobility, such as for power electronics and battery production. In addition, customers are requiring more and more flexibility from their production solutions. That is why Sonplas’s assembly and testing systems also rely on multiple robots, explains Christian Denk, design engineer for electrical design at Sonplas GmbH: “Robot solutions give us the necessary flexibility. The downside, however, is that we need to comply with customer specifications for the type and make of robot we can use in our solutions. As a result, we use robots from different manufacturers, each of which requires vendor-specific knowledge for programming and operation.” Particularly in times of scarce resources, allocating the required experts can quickly create bottlenecks in projects – “a major challenge, because at the same time our customers naturally want us to implement their production solutions with the shortest possible lead time.”